Today's post is another submission for Distorted Beauty, a collaborative project of  13 photographers that I am a part of.
Distorted Beauty is about breaking general photography rules in a creative and beautiful way. We will be posting on our blog every two weeks, with a new theme. Prior to that, the theme will be posted on the Distorted Beauty Facebook page
so that anyone who would like to join along can do so. Images that move us will be featured on the wall for others to see as well.

This week's theme was "Underneath" . I had loads of ideas , that all involved being outside. As the weather wasn't really working with me, I had to change plans. I decided to go for a self portrait. My first trial and error shoot involved me underneath the shower. I've posted them below, but they were not what I was looking for. I didn't just want to be underneath something, but create more layers as well, so I used double exposure in camera. The images were taken in my favourite room in the house. I love looking through the roof-light and seeing  the cherry tree at  the back of our house.

Have a look on the blog Distorted Beauty, to see which one I picked. Which one do you prefer?

underneath the shower-2014-2.jpg
underneath the shower-2014-2-2.jpg

Underneath the Cherry Tree

underneath the cherry tree-2014-1.jpg
underneath the cherry tree-2014-3-2.jpg
underneath the cherry tree-2014-2.jpg
underneath the cherry tree-2014-1-2.jpg